I can’t believe I would ever love someone this much as I love you .💕 you mean so much to me & my love for you , can be described in so many ways but at the same time , nobody will ever understand . yunno? probably don’t . bc like you know this but you know you don’t want to fwm , but at the same time you play with my feelings on the regular . but I still want you that doesn’t make no since .. Whats so ever , okaay .

What he sends me .😫🙌😍

Well… 👌💕 There was this one day a pretty young man got bored. He went go check his phone and he had realized his phone was dry. He went on kik and went to heyhey where he found this sexy ass girl. He wanted to talk to her but he didn’t know how to. But he sucked it up and tried. He waited and waited for her respince. She ended up texting him bace:* . they started to have a sexy ass conversion which lead him to asking her out. She said”I would like that”. He blushed hard as he realized she was for him. Ever sense that happened they have been having a lovely relationship. When they were adults he dicided to propose to her. He went and got the perfect ring for her. When he came home he got on his knees and asked ” bae will you Marry me”?. She said yesss and huged him tight and long and gave him a long kiss. Ever sense that they have became a power couple they would live on to be with each other forever

This boy right here , yeah ? You see him . I love him with all heart . ❤️👤 ,